If you're single: Would you like to attract effortlessly someone special to share your life with?

If you're a couple: Would you like to feel more love than you've ever felt before...without 'working' on the relationship?

It May Seem Like Magic But It’s Real…
(And It Only Takes Twenty Minutes To Feel It For Yourself)

How It Works: The Key Components

Touch a button and soft music begins. Then our voices give you simple instructions that bring you rapidly into a feeling of inner harmony. Feel old patterns dissolve and disappear as you shift into a new state of consciousness.


This 20-minute experience is the heart and soul of the program. If you’re currently in a committed relationship, you and your partner use it to speed up the manifestation of your goals and dreams. We predict you will be amazed at how quickly you see results.




If you’re single, divorced or widowed, you use this program to speed up the manifestation of your ideal partner. It assists you in making several inner shifts that change your relationship destiny, allowing you to draw a healthy relationship into your life by easeful attraction rather than stressful pursuit.



Get these seven little miracle-making videos all in one place. Each video contains a powerful tool for relationship enhancement that can be done in less than 60 seconds. Here are some of the topics the videos cover:

  • How To Stop An Argument

  • How To End Blame And Criticism

  • How To Tell If A Partner Is Lying

  • How To End Money Struggles

  • How To End Jealousy

The KEY SECRETS: What You Really Need To Know
About Relationships

These six little programs, none longer than fifteen minutes, are designed to clear away inherited misinformation and unconscious patterns you picked up as a child. You get a fresh start, with the real truth about how to handle the five aspects of relationship that matter most.

What The Program Requires Of You

In order to benefit from the program, you must approach it with sincere intent and a genuine commitment. Here are several wonder-questions to help you assess your level of readiness for the program:

  • Question One: Am I willing to enjoy a permanent, deep sense of harmony and connection with my partner? (If you’re single: Am I willing to enjoy a permanent, deep sense of harmony and connection with a loving partner?)

  • Question Two: Am I willing to learn a completely new way of transcending stubborn, recycling conflicts in my partnership, so that those issues dissolve spontaneously?

  • Question Three: Am I willing to have my partnership inspire my loved ones and others to greater love and harmony?


Feel More Love, Manifest More Abundance:
A Personal Invitation From Kathlyn and Gay

First, thank you for your commitment to making your relationships and the world a better place. We appreciate you for making the relationship journey that brought you here, because we know from personal experience how challenging the journey of relationships can be. Your dedication has paid off, though, because it brought you here. Here is a place where genuine magic can happen in your relationship life. If you are sincerely committed to creating more love and abundance in your life, you have an opportunity like none other.

We’ve been living, loving and working together now for thirty years. Early in our relationship we discovered a remarkable set of practices that produced two specific results in our lives:

  • We felt more love than we had ever felt before. As we did the practices more, the huge expansion of love became permanent and has continued growing to this day.

  • We experienced a quantum jump in our manifestation power. Our goals and dreams came into reality faster than we ever imagined possible.

We spent years refining the practices in our own lives. Eventually, other singles and couples sought us out, and we began to offer seminars in our living room. One night, sitting by the fireplace after one of those living room sessions, we made a decision to ‘go public’ with our work by writing our book, Conscious Loving. Not long after the book came out, we got a phone call that changed our lives dramatically.

Thank you, Oprah!
In 1992, Oprah Winfrey invited us to appear on her show for the first time. Suddenly instead of teaching the skills of conscious relationships to six couples in our living room, we were sharing the same tools with 10 million people at a time! Oprah graciously let us demonstrate our techniques with many people ‘live’ on her show—everybody from NFL football stars to struggling couples. From the mail we received after those shows, we saw how powerful video can be in showing people at home how to enhance their relationships.

Roll the clock forward now to the present. We’re not satisfied any longer with 10 million people or even a hundred million. We want this entire planet of ours to know how to create the same kind of relationship miracles people create when they’re sitting in our office. We think you’ll agree that the world could use a few more relationship miracles these days, whether those miracles occur in the White House or your house. That’s why we’ve created this new At-Home Learning program.

The ideas and tools in The Relationship Catalyst have changed our lives profoundly. We hope you'll let its magic work for you.

Our blessings to you for a lifetime of conscious loving,

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

Genuine Commitment

One thing you can do right now to get a life-changing benefit from the program is to make a genuine, heartfelt commitment. Making a commitment is always the most important step in any kind of relationship and personal transformation. You don’t need a clear picture of how that all looks; if you commit to something big enough to stretch you, you won’t have a clear picture of how to get there. All you need to get started is a pure, sincere statement of commitment. Here are the specific commitments that make the program work in your life:

  • I commit to experiencing a quantum, noticeable increase in the manifestation power of my partnership: The things we want and need come to us naturally and easefully, without stressful effort.

  • I commit to enjoying a permanent, deep felt-sense of harmony and connection in my partnership.

  • I commit to learning a completely new way of transcending stubborn, recycling conflicts in my partnership, so that those issues dissolve spontaneously.

  • I commit to being in my partnership in such a way that we inspire our loved ones and others to greater love and harmony.

In This Present Moment

Please ask yourself

Do I feel a heartfelt ‘Yes’ to those commitments?

If you get a YES, you can jump-start your journey right now. You don’t want you to wake up in the same old place a year from now and wish you’d seized this moment to start your journey of relationship transformation.

Whatever your experience has been in the past, it’s in the past…out of your control. Now, the only important thing is what action you take in this present moment—right now. Start your journey to more love and relationship harmony than you ever imagined possible.

Price: $147



"As one of the fortunate ones who have been experiencing the Catalyst for the last 6 months I can attest to the magnificent power of this program. The increased harmony and manifestation powers in our relationship is astounding. If anyone needs any more of a big testimonial they are free to contact me. This program works like no other I have ever experienced! Huge appreciation & love to you both!" -Bob Tomes


Price: $147



“Once again Gay and Kathlyn have melded their lifelong passion to help people live deeper, more satisfying relationships with their incredible skill at presenting very useful, well-organized material.
The Relationship Catalyst is so broad in its scope, that it has something for everyone: singles as well as couples. Acknowledging the real emotional challenges, such as loneliness and feeling unseen or unheard, that we each face whether as singles or in couples, they make the crucial work of living from a deeper part of oneself the essential focus. With compassion, rich insight, and very useful and usable tools, you will learn how to pull back your projections, shift out of old patterns of self-protection, affirm your essence, open your heart, and become the author of your own capacity to make love flourish in your life.
You will learn how to build the key relationship – to yourself – and from there to nurture the kind of presence with your partner that brings your whole body alive with the juice of intimacy. Even as a single person, you will discover a whole new world of intimacy with life itself.
The Hendricks’ bring psychological theory alive because they weave it into the living experience of being present for yourself moment-by-moment. And when you meet another with the intent to be a servant of love, love always responds. Their work is simply magical, and it is the testimony to the many years in which they have walked their talk together. I highly recommend you make the time to bless your life with this material.”

- Richard Moss, M.D., author of The Mandala of Being and his upcoming new book: Inside-Out Healing.

To Celebrate Your Commitment To The Future…

A tree will be planted in your honor when you purchase The Relationship Catalyst. The tree symbolizes your commitment to a better future for relationships on Planet Earth, and it is also makes a practical contribution to a healthy future for our environment.

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